What I’m Wearing: Summer Office Wear

Who turned up the heat because it’s getting hot in Charleston! Goodbye sweet spring weather and hello endless days of sunshine, heat, humidity, beach trips, and too many walks down to Jeni’s Ice Cream. To say I’ll be missing our brief spring is an understatement. It’s my favorite time of year in Charleston! Who could resist our gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, the drifting sweet smell of Confederate Jasmine, and the easy temperatures that are hot enough during the day and cool enough at night for a light jacket.

Say goodbye to that now!

Summer is in full force, which we declared it began last weekend, and that means we’re facing hot days and even higher percentages of humidity which means my hair is going to go crazy! As if that wasn’t all enough to drive a girl mad, the real enemy here is the workplace. That’s right. Yes, we all love where we work (or, at least I hope you all do!) but it’s the thermometer that drives me nuts in the summertime. It may be horrendously hot outside but that doesn’t mean our office has to be an ice box! Dressing for work during the summer is so incredibly difficult because you simultaneously have to be professional but also want to wear the least amount of clothing.

See how difficult that could be? Calling HR! Kelly’s practically naked again!

Thankfully there are so many wonderful choices now a days that help getting dressed for work in summer a little bit easier. Take this gorgeous lace dress for example. It’s cute, polished, and best of all, lightweight. It’s office appropriate and even better, perfect for those tasty happy hour cocktails afterward! Dressing for the office in the summer is tricky business but possible. I’ve got the best tips to make sure you’re not breaking office protocol but still looking amazing:


  • Relax a little by wearing lightweight fabrics like blazers, skirts, and linen dresses
  • Bare a little skin (as appropriate)! Flash those toned arms you’ve been working on at the gym and show off your gorgeous new tan!
  • Have fun with your shoes! I love wearing peep-toe wedges during the summer months to show off my pedicure!
  • Accessorize with fun pops of color!


  • Go too casual like wearing shorts or super short skirts
  • Don’t under dress! Yes, that beach cover up my seem tempting but don’t do it!
  • Don’t over bare it – I’m looking at you short skirt
  • Stay away from dark colors. Dark colors belong in colder months, let loose your whites, blues, and fun printed clothes!

This lace dress fits all of those do’s for summer office dressing! It’s incredibly lightweight, shows off a good amount but not too much skin, and it’s currently trending. Who doesn’t love a lace number with cut out shoulders? I feel confident at work and not like I’m baring too much skin. Although I don’t work in a conservative office, it feels good going to meetings with outside vendors and sponsors that I look both professional and polished.

One of my other favorite tips? Play with your lips! Summer is a great time to not only play with colors in your clothes and on your nails, but also on your lips! I have a large selection of lipsticks and really gravitate to wearing more pinks and light oranges this time of year while I prefer reds in the winter. Funny how that works out! Even if you’re kicking it in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing a bold lip color can instantly improve your outfit with minimal effort.

Dressing for the office in the summer shouldn’t be all that difficult. Thankfully there are so many ways to dress cute and not get into trouble with HR. No one wants that! Even better, this dress is currently on sale under $25 and comes in 4 other colors! It’s recently been restocked with new colors like black, navy, and white which means you can wear one almost every single day!

What’s your tips for dressing cute and appropriately for the office during the summer? I’d love to hear your tips about it!

Wearing: Dress / Shoes / Purse / Bracelet
Photographer: Jennifer Collins

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