Black Southern Belle Easter Brunch

Easter is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with your best girlfriends! Easter is a time to spend with close friends and family and to celebrate a multitude of things. So of course we had to throw a big Easter brunch!

Today we’re going to show you how to throw the ultimate Easter brunch for you and your girlfriends!

  1. Flower Power 

Every Easter brunch table should have a focal point, why not make it a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Floral centerpieces don’t always have to be incredibly costly, instead of picking roses and peonies, go with smaller buds in a simple concrete vase. How gorgeous are these flowers?

Keep your flowers the focal point by keeping your tablecloth and colors a similar color as the flowers. We love how the tablecloth is a pale peach color and perfectly compliments the floral centerpiece!

Keep nature part of your Easter brunch by having name cards on eggs! What better way to celebrate Easter than with dyed eggs? Even better, perch them on some greenery like grass or moss. We loved incorporating moss into the table setting to keep things balanced and an extra depth of color!

2. Take it Outside!

The weather is warm and gorgeous outside so why stay indoors? Gather your family and friends and set up your Easter brunch in your backyard, local park, or on your porch. This gorgeous tree with the Spanish Moss hanging down was the ideal place to host our Easter brunch!

Now that it’s warmer outside, it was nice to have the shade from the tree. If you’re worried about the weather, hosting an Easter brunch on a porch would be gorgeous as well! If you choose a park setting, pack kites and games for the kids to play with after the eating is over!

3. Make a Home Cooked Meal!

Skip the overpriced meals at restaurants (even though they are delicious!) and opt for a home cooked family meal instead! Nothing says family better than a home cooked meal created for those you love.

We love choosing family dishes that everyone loves like mini chicken and waffles and mini quiches! No Easter brunch would be complete without some delicious waffles and quiches!

Don’t forget to pass the dessert! One of our favorite parts of Easter brunch is all the yummy desserts to follow! It’s like Thanksgiving part one! Don’t go overload this year and bake lots of pies and cakes, instead whip up a delicious batch of whoopee pies and mini cakes to share with your family and friends. You can make the whoopee pies in a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Plus, any kind of mini cake is a must in our book!

6. Celebrate! 

The last tip on how to throw the best Easter brunch? Get all your girlfriends together! Bonus points if you’re all wearing adorable pastel clothes and accessories! No Easter brunch would be complete without your best girlfriends.

Easter is all about celebrating with those that you love and who’s closer to you than your actual family? Your best girlfriends. Take time this Easter to share your love with them and shower them with love, admiration, and joy.

What are you planning for this Easter Sunday? We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating this wonderful holiday and spending it with those that fill your life with joy and love. May you have the most wonderful Easter!

Photography:  Aneris Photos // Venue: Hampton Park, Charleston  // Styling: Kelly Harrold // Attire & Jewelry: The Tiny Tassel // Calligraphy: Hatch Cove Designs // Florals: Petaloso // Dessert: Swank Desserts // Rentals: Snyder Rentals  // Decor: West Elm Charleston // Food: SOB Catering // Make-up: Rhea J // Cocktails: Sociologie Wine // Models: Ireane Nathan, Jasmine Nathan, Nikki, Naye Rae, Mimi Striplin 


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