DIY Record Player Stand

There’s one thing that I’ve collected over the years and have always struggled to display is my record collection. I’ve been collecting records since I was 16 years old and it was essentially love at first sight! The cover designs are always unique and colorful, the quality of sound is unlike anything we hear now, and I just love listening to my records on rainy nights. 

I’ve paired down my collection over the years but I’ve never quite displayed them correctly. That is, until I found this cart from Ikea! It’s only $30 and the perfect storage solution for my records.  

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DIY Breakfast Tray

I am so thrilled to bring you this incredibly easy DIY breakfast tray today! I personally love spending long mornings, when I can, reading or working in bed as I sip my coffee. I feel like I get my best ideas first thing in the morning as I perusing other inspiration sites, Pinterest, and the beautiful images I see on Instagram. 

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DIY Hanging Light

Now that we’re finally settled in our new home, I can finally tackle some much needed DIY projects to really turn this house into a home! The first thing on my list was to find a chic yet practical way to incorporate more lamps into our bedroom. I’m a firm believer in less is more, especially in the bedroom. I don’t like having many things in there as I feel like it hampers the tranquility you’re supposed to have in a bedroom.

DIY Hanging Light

How peaceful does that look?

So like anything else that I do in our home, I get crafty!

This is one of my easiest DIYs to date and it took us only 5 minutes to do. So P was happy to help!

I’m a huge fan of Ikea and Ikea hacks (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see how much I love it!) and this project fit the bill. I need supplies that were cute yet affordable and very few home improvement stores offer that.

If you don’t happen to live by an Ikea that’s ok, the items you’ll need for this project can easily be ordered from their site.

DIY Hanging Lamp

Here’s what you’ll need:

Nittio light bulb (comes in silver or copper. I went with copper)

Sekond cord set

Ekby Lerberg bracket

Step 1:

Begin by measuring how far way from your window or headboard you’d like the lights to go. We had ours measured roughly 6 inches away.

Step 2:

Mark on the brackets where the screws will go. Get your drill and drill the bracket into place. We used drywall screws for optimum strength.

Step 3:

Put together the light and cord set. In order to achieve the look we created, simply wrap the cord around the bracket until you’re satisfied. The light should hang around the base of the bracket.

Step 4:

Plug them in and you’re good to go!

I love the amount of lights these light bulbs emit. It’s just bright enough to watch TV or read without straining your eyes too much. Plus if P is sleeping and I want to read a bit longer, the light doesn’t disturb him.

Have you been struggling to find lighting for your rooms? This is an easy and cheap solution to your problems! Let me know in the comments if you end up doing it, I’d love to see the results!


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DIY Wooden Coat Rack

DIY Wooden Coat Rack

I’m not joking when I say this DIY wooden coat rack only takes 15 minutes to complete. That’s my favorite kind of DIY project. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ones where I put blood, sweat, and tears into them to get an awesome final project but sometimes you need a good ol’ simple project to do. If you’ve got 15 minutes, a set of hands, and an empty corner, you’re about to have a great new addition to  your living room.

Since moving into our bigger place I’ve made it my purpose to not fill up our home with useless things or objects and instead creating projects that have a duel purpose. For me, this DIY wooden coat rack is both useful and acts like a piece of art. We desperately needed something to hang our jackets and hats on once we entered the house and I didn’t want just something hanging on that wall or sitting in the corner and I definitely wasn’t in love with any of the coat racks I’d seen online.

So what’s a girl to do if she can’t buy something? She makes it!

DIY Wooden Coat Rack

Here’s what you need to make this coat rack:


3-4 wooden dowels (purchased from Lowes)



I’ll admit this much, I tried to hold all of these dowels together and it was hard. If you do this alone, you will probably drop them, hit your foot, and maybe throw them down in anger because they won’t hold the shape you want. And that’s totally cool! But if you do have a friend/partner/spouse/young child just casually hanging around your home – grab them.


DIY Wooden Coat Rack

Ok! So first things first, grab your dowels and position them in a teepee style. Once you have them in the shape you want and each pole is equidistance from itself, start wrapping your string around the middle point of the poles.

Keep on wrapping!

Once you’ve wrapped the poles enough to wear they won’t fall down, tie a bow and step away! If the poles stay – congratulations! You’ve made a wooden coat rack! If not, just reposition the poles until it stays by itself.

Brush your hands off, give your partner (or yourself!) a high five, and moon walk away from your brand new wooden coat rack.

Now here’s the fun part.

If you want that extra added touch, you can paint the bottom quarter of the coat rack in any color that you like! I’m musing over painting mine either white or gold but I’m really digging the natural color of this.

I absolutely love this wooden coat rack and it was so incredibly easy to make (not to mention quick!). It’s the perfect structure to hold a couple of jackets and my favorite hat. It’s right beside our door so it’s easy to grab a jacket or hat and dash out the door.

What do you think of this DIY? Would you want to make this? What changes would you make to it? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out my Pinterest boards for more awesome home and fashion DIYs and inspiration!

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DIY Copper Hanging Wardrobe

It’s no secret that I really love copper. It’s beautiful, sleek, minimalist, and can inspire so many projects! Plus it’s an affordable material unlike other metals. I’ve been inspired lately to take back my minimalist living lifestyle (as if I haven’t been doing that already!) and purging my home of unnecessary things that no longer serve a purpose. Perhaps it’s because P and I are a mere month and a half away from combining our lives together that’s pushing it, or just a deep rooted need to feel clean. Either way, I’m certainly winning the war against conquering my wardrobe. It doesn’t hurt that this project is seriously affordable and showcases all your beautiful clothes like the art they are!

IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1756

For this project you will need:

1 copper tubing (I used 5′)
1 coil of rope
2 S-hooks

And that’s it! Most of my projects I really strive to keep simple, easy, and affordable and so far I believe I’ve managed that.


Start threading the rope down through the copper tubing. Make sure that you have an even amount of rope on each side so when it hangs from the ceiling it is even. Measure about 3″ away from the wall and screw in the S-hooks. Tie the rope in a Sailor’s knot (shown here) and attach to the S-hooks. Hang your favorite pieces and you’ve got a new hanging wardrobe!


This wardrobe has definitely uped my closet game over the past few weeks since installing it. Not only do I have more room in my closet for clothes I’m not really wearing right now, but I get to utilize my favorite pieces into a capsule wardrobe and let them be shown off. It doesn’t hurt that I’m making more room for P’s clothes too!

Would you make this hanging wardrobe? Let me know in the comments! Also, I’ve been thinking of showcasing my closet and it’s layout. Any thoughts on this?

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