Black Southern Belle Easter Brunch

Easter is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with your best girlfriends! Easter is a time to spend with close friends and family and to celebrate a multitude of things. So of course we had to throw a big Easter brunch!

Today we’re going to show you how to throw the ultimate Easter brunch for you and your girlfriends!

  1. Flower Power 

Every Easter brunch table should have a focal point, why not make it a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Floral centerpieces don’t always have to be incredibly costly, instead of picking roses and peonies, go with smaller buds in a simple concrete vase. How gorgeous are these flowers?

Keep your flowers the focal point by keeping your tablecloth and colors a similar color as the flowers. We love how the tablecloth is a pale peach color and perfectly compliments the floral centerpiece!

Keep nature part of your Easter brunch by having name cards on eggs! What better way to celebrate Easter than with dyed eggs? Even better, perch them on some greenery like grass or moss. We loved incorporating moss into the table setting to keep things balanced and an extra depth of color!

2. Take it Outside!

The weather is warm and gorgeous outside so why stay indoors? Gather your family and friends and set up your Easter brunch in your backyard, local park, or on your porch. This gorgeous tree with the Spanish Moss hanging down was the ideal place to host our Easter brunch!

Now that it’s warmer outside, it was nice to have the shade from the tree. If you’re worried about the weather, hosting an Easter brunch on a porch would be gorgeous as well! If you choose a park setting, pack kites and games for the kids to play with after the eating is over!

3. Make a Home Cooked Meal!

Skip the overpriced meals at restaurants (even though they are delicious!) and opt for a home cooked family meal instead! Nothing says family better than a home cooked meal created for those you love.

We love choosing family dishes that everyone loves like mini chicken and waffles and mini quiches! No Easter brunch would be complete without some delicious waffles and quiches!

Don’t forget to pass the dessert! One of our favorite parts of Easter brunch is all the yummy desserts to follow! It’s like Thanksgiving part one! Don’t go overload this year and bake lots of pies and cakes, instead whip up a delicious batch of whoopee pies and mini cakes to share with your family and friends. You can make the whoopee pies in a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Plus, any kind of mini cake is a must in our book!

6. Celebrate! 

The last tip on how to throw the best Easter brunch? Get all your girlfriends together! Bonus points if you’re all wearing adorable pastel clothes and accessories! No Easter brunch would be complete without your best girlfriends.

Easter is all about celebrating with those that you love and who’s closer to you than your actual family? Your best girlfriends. Take time this Easter to share your love with them and shower them with love, admiration, and joy.

What are you planning for this Easter Sunday? We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating this wonderful holiday and spending it with those that fill your life with joy and love. May you have the most wonderful Easter!

Photography:  Aneris Photos // Venue: Hampton Park, Charleston  // Styling: Kelly Harrold // Attire & Jewelry: The Tiny Tassel // Calligraphy: Hatch Cove Designs // Florals: Petaloso // Dessert: Swank Desserts // Rentals: Snyder Rentals  // Decor: West Elm Charleston // Food: SOB Catering // Make-up: Rhea J // Cocktails: Sociologie Wine // Models: Ireane Nathan, Jasmine Nathan, Nikki, Naye Rae, Mimi Striplin 


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Australian Open Party

*A girl’s gotta get paid! The post contains sponsored content, all opinions and thoughts are my own and are in no way affiliated with Cost Plus World Market. Full FTC guidelines here.*

The Australian Open is upon us! Believe it or not, I’m actually a big tennis fan! I started to actively watch the various tennis opens during college when my Australian and British friends would spend all day glued to the TV watching the matches. My love for tennis only furthered as I started learning to play tennis and studied abroad to London and went to the Wimbledon stadium for a game. So I think it’s safe to say, I love tennis! I’ve partnered with Cost Plus World Market to show you how to throw your own Australian Open party complete with fun snacks from Australia and a killer cocktail to sip while you watch!

Bring Out Your Tennis Gear!

Dust off those old tennis rackets and fish out all those tennis balls and use them as a fun decor option for your party! We took a fabulous linen table runner to add some more definition to our marble table and scattered tennis balls around the table and added our own tennis rackets. It took all of my attention to make sure our dog didn’t try to steal the balls off of the table!

Create a Simple and Easy Centerpiece 

Now this has to be my favorite and easiest centerpiece I’ve ever created for a party. Simply take a hurricane glass and instead of filling it with a candle or scented flowers, fill them with tennis balls! This is a tennis party after all! It makes a stunning and striking centerpiece that really brings the entire table together.

Munch on Some Australian Candies! 

No Australian party is complete without some delicious goodies to munch on! I’m not the biggest fan of Marmite, it’s simply a required taste, however I do love some Australian licorice! We picked up various flavors to treat our guests to included strawberry, mango (which was my favorite!), and various ginger chews.

Ginger chews aren’t very popular in the States but after tasting them, I’m a devoted fan! They’re a combination of sweet and a little spicy and tastes wonderfully after eating a full meal. Cost Plus World Market has an amazing selection of licorice candies from Australia in a variety of flavors that’ll wow any of your friends.

Sip, Sip, Cheer!

Now you can’t have a Australian party without an Australian themed cocktail! Even those we’re in the midst of winter in the States, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a warmer Australian flare to your tennis party. This Elderflower Collins is both easy and delicious to make. Even better, you can make a large batch of it for your friends to enjoy while watching the Australian Open. Plus, here’s a fun fact about me: one of my hands down favorite liquors or mixers to use is Elderflower. It’s sweet and reminds me of summertime.

I absolutely adore these faceted glasses and even have them as wine glasses from Cost Plus World Market. They make such a splash and really elevate any cocktail. Take yours to another level by adding some fun straws, cheers drink stirrers, and these darling “Cheers Dears!” cocktail napkins.

Elderflower Collins 


1 2/3 parts Tito’s Vodka
1 part lemon juice
2/3 parts Elderflower and Lemonade Cordial
Soda Water
1 lime

Mix all the ingredients together either in a cocktail shaker (if serving for 1-2 people) or in a large container for a larger crowd. Sip, sip, enjoy!

Since you’re ready to throw your very own Australian Open party, how about we take this up a notch?

Win a Trip to the Australian Open! 

Enter for a chance to win this amazing Grand Prize Package!:

  • A Trip for 2 to Australia to attend the 2018 Australian Open
  • City Excursions, Dining and More
  • $1,000 World Market Gift Card

Plus, THREE first prizes: $500 World Market Gift Cards

Enter online at

Sweeptakes ends 1/29/17

Australian Open Tune-In Message

Watch the Australian Open on the Tennis Channel January 16 through January 29, 2017.

For details:

I personally can’t wait to watch the Australian Open later this week and see who takes home the trophy. Have you ever watched the Australian Open? Do you have any fond memories of watching the event? I’d love to hear all your thoughts in the comments below!

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What I’m Wearing: Christmas with Draper James

Guys, can you believe that it’s the week of Christmas?! How in the world did it creep up on us so quickly! I swear, each year it shows up faster than the year before and I’m always left scrambling! This year, I was actually fairly prepared for Christmas, thanks to my friends The Blue Root and Draper James. It’s a Draper James Christmas y’all! Today I’m showing you how to throw the best Christmas ever!

Put a Bow On It!

If there’s one thing that I struggle with each year is wrapping gifts. Thanks to the wonderful wrapping skills of my friend, Melissa of The Blue Root, my origami style wrapping is in the past! Her gorgeous wrapping skills will blow anyone a way. Plus, they’re just so pretty that I wouldn’t want to open the boxes to see what’s inside! 

One of my favorite ways to decorate a Christmas gift isn’t with bows, it’s with fun accents like ribbon, natural trimmings like holly and leaves, and fun ornaments! Ornaments are such a fun and unique way to decorate gifts for your family and friends. You can even customize each gift by decorating with their favorite items. 

Dress it Up!

It’s our tradition to open presents Christmas morning in our pajamas but on the 24th, that’s when the real dressing up is! We make our annual journey to P’s grandma’s house in Maryland where the entire side of his mother’s family joins together to celebrate Christmas. Everyone always dresses up and it’s one of my favorite days of the year! We sing Christmas songs, exchange presents, and eat until we are stuffed! This year, you’ll wow all your relatives by throwing on this adorable blouse from Draper James

This outfit is absolutely perfect for any family gathering over Christmas! It’s simple, easy, and looks amazing on anyone. I love how throwing on a cute top and heels can elevate any pair of jeans. 

Have Fun!

Blouse (Draper James) // Jeans (Lucky) // Shoes (Madora) // Jewelry (Gold Creations

Photography: Jennifer Collins // Styling: Liz Martin // Location: Beach Resort Charleston // Gifts: The Blue Root

This time of year is all about relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends, and not worrying about things! Take this time to truly turn off and worry a little less. I know we’ll be making an extra effort to turn off from social media and enjoy our time with family and friends. That’s what’s truly going to make your Christmas the best one ever. 

What are your tips for throwing the best Christmas ever? Do you have any fun traditions? Let me know in the comments!


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National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day! What better time of year to celebrate one of my favorite desserts than in July! In honor of the summer treat, I rounded up my girlfriends, Lauren and Liz, for a fun filled day at the park with ice cream provided by Wheelie Good Ice Cream!

When it’s a million degrees and so hot that sweat is running down your back, this sweet treat is always my go to to cool off! Trust me, I’ve found sweat this summer in places I never thought possible! 

If you’ve never heard of Wheely Good Ice Cream, be prepared to be wow’d! This darling ice cream cart can be found serving up the freshest ice cream in all of Charleston at the local farmer’s market, food truck rallies, and breweries. It’s so creamy, flavorful, and well, perfect! I first found Wheely Good Ice Cream at my friend’s bridal store opening and have been a dedicated customer since! Their ice cream was the best choice to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, you’ll have to celebrate with them too!

I mean look at how perfect this is. Even better, it’s made every day with fresh ingredients! 

I ate the ice cream so fast! It was either I eat it quickly or it’d melt in this Charleston heat! Also, how adorable is this bracelet from Be the Change Boutique? If you’re ever on King Street downtown, stop in this adorable shop where they sell goods from all over the world and each product gives back to a charity. Shopping for a cause just makes shopping all that sweeter! You can find Liz’s Turkish towels there and they give back to my work, Pet Helpers, a local no-kill animal shelter. 

What better way of getting around town with your girlfriends than on a golf cart! Charleston is the best city to see by golf cart. If you really want to make an impression, just throw on your favorite throw pillows and accessorize with a tassel garland. Now you’re really set to go around town with your girlfriends! 

I hope everyone has a wonderfully delicious National Ice Cream Day! Let me know how you celebrate by telling me in the comments below. 

Photography: Clifford Pate // Co-Stylists: Lauren Miller & Liz Martin // Clothing: Escapada // Jewelry: Be the Change Boutique // Shoes: Oka-B // Ice Cream: Wheely Good Ice Cream 

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Ice Cream Pool Party

If there’s one place you’ll find us this summer, it’s relaxing by the pool! What better way to enjoy those long summer days than throwing the best ice cream pool party for two? Grab your favorite gal and head to the pool with our easy tips to throwing the best ice cream pool party. Our mother daughter duo will show us how!

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