Black Southern Belle Easter Brunch

Easter is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with your best girlfriends! Easter is a time to spend with close friends and family and to celebrate a multitude of things. So of course we had to throw a big Easter brunch!

Today we’re going to show you how to throw the ultimate Easter brunch for you and your girlfriends!

  1. Flower Power 

Every Easter brunch table should have a focal point, why not make it a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Floral centerpieces don’t always have to be incredibly costly, instead of picking roses and peonies, go with smaller buds in a simple concrete vase. How gorgeous are these flowers?

Keep your flowers the focal point by keeping your tablecloth and colors a similar color as the flowers. We love how the tablecloth is a pale peach color and perfectly compliments the floral centerpiece!

Keep nature part of your Easter brunch by having name cards on eggs! What better way to celebrate Easter than with dyed eggs? Even better, perch them on some greenery like grass or moss. We loved incorporating moss into the table setting to keep things balanced and an extra depth of color!

2. Take it Outside!

The weather is warm and gorgeous outside so why stay indoors? Gather your family and friends and set up your Easter brunch in your backyard, local park, or on your porch. This gorgeous tree with the Spanish Moss hanging down was the ideal place to host our Easter brunch!

Now that it’s warmer outside, it was nice to have the shade from the tree. If you’re worried about the weather, hosting an Easter brunch on a porch would be gorgeous as well! If you choose a park setting, pack kites and games for the kids to play with after the eating is over!

3. Make a Home Cooked Meal!

Skip the overpriced meals at restaurants (even though they are delicious!) and opt for a home cooked family meal instead! Nothing says family better than a home cooked meal created for those you love.

We love choosing family dishes that everyone loves like mini chicken and waffles and mini quiches! No Easter brunch would be complete without some delicious waffles and quiches!

Don’t forget to pass the dessert! One of our favorite parts of Easter brunch is all the yummy desserts to follow! It’s like Thanksgiving part one! Don’t go overload this year and bake lots of pies and cakes, instead whip up a delicious batch of whoopee pies and mini cakes to share with your family and friends. You can make the whoopee pies in a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Plus, any kind of mini cake is a must in our book!

6. Celebrate! 

The last tip on how to throw the best Easter brunch? Get all your girlfriends together! Bonus points if you’re all wearing adorable pastel clothes and accessories! No Easter brunch would be complete without your best girlfriends.

Easter is all about celebrating with those that you love and who’s closer to you than your actual family? Your best girlfriends. Take time this Easter to share your love with them and shower them with love, admiration, and joy.

What are you planning for this Easter Sunday? We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating this wonderful holiday and spending it with those that fill your life with joy and love. May you have the most wonderful Easter!

Photography:  Aneris Photos // Venue: Hampton Park, Charleston  // Styling: Kelly Harrold // Attire & Jewelry: The Tiny Tassel // Calligraphy: Hatch Cove Designs // Florals: Petaloso // Dessert: Swank Desserts // Rentals: Snyder Rentals  // Decor: West Elm Charleston // Food: SOB Catering // Make-up: Rhea J // Cocktails: Sociologie Wine // Models: Ireane Nathan, Jasmine Nathan, Nikki, Naye Rae, Mimi Striplin 


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What I’m Wearing: Red Jumpsuit

Everyone step aside because the QUEEN is in town! Everyone get down because the baddest woman in all of Charleston is here to rock.your.worlds. with this incredible red jumpsuit!

All joking aside, I feel like the hottest babe in all of Charleston because I am feeling.this.look. I’m feeling this look so much that I want to live inside of this red jumpsuit at all times.

It’s that amazing and no, I’m not overemphasizing.

As soon as I got the edits back from Jennifer I sent her a string of emoji hearts and fire because it’s that good.

Seriously y’all, props to Jennifer for being this amazing of a photographer. She’s the BEST.

Let’s talk about this oh so femme fatal look as I stand ever so gracefully on an alley way staircase. Let me just waltz around to music from the 1920’s and prance around.

Ok, I’m sorry for all the sass in this post!

When I first received this red jumpsuit I was a little skeptical. It was super long, the red was bold, and I wasn’t sure how much I was going to love having it off the shoulder.

My goodness was I wrong!

I feel like an absolute goddess in this outfit. It makes me feel like an amazing woman and that’s how clothing is supposed to make you feel. I can’t wait to start receiving party invitations to I have an excuse to wear it again.

I refuse to let this jumpsuit collect dust in my wardrobe.

I love how bold of an outfit this is too. You just know that any affair that you attend, you’ll be seeing a lot of eyeballs on you! Now I’m not always interested in that level of attention or intensity, but if I’m wearing this red jumpsuit, I’d be all about it! Now it may be a bit too bold for any other upcoming weddings I’ve got in the coming months but it would make such a splash for a night out with the girls and a date night with P to see a play or opera. That is, when I can drag him to something like that!

This jumpsuit isn’t going to be captured in just photographs, we recently shot it with Christopher Dobey for a video that was submitted to Charleston Fashion Week. I am so excited to finally debut the video to everyone else! It was so much fun working on a different medium and seeing how video really brings clothes to life. We’re going to be collaborating on some other fun videos as well so stay tuned!

What’s one outfit that makes you feel like the amazing confident woman that you are? I’d love to know in the comments and see photos of you in that outfit!

Wearing: Jumpsuit // Bag // Sunglasses

Photographer: Jennifer Collins 

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What I’m Wearing: Denim Shorts

You guys, I’m a convert. I’ve seen the light and it is beautiful.

I’m a denim shorts convert.

Or jorts convert for short.

Either way, I’m hooked, I’m in love, and I certainly don’t know what took me so long! For years, I’ve had such an aversion to denim shorts. I thought they were tacky, too high cut, and looked awful on me. To me, they were a blacklist item that shouldn’t be anywhere near my body or closet.

But that has all changed because I found the perfect pair!

Did you ever watch or read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series? That’s what these shorts are to me. No matter your body size, confidence, or style, these denim shorts are sure to turn you into a goddess worthy of all the attention. True story, P even loved them on me! Now I know I’m wearing a winning piece of clothing if he’s fully on board and that’s a rare day!

The best part about denim shorts is that it doesn’t have to be all Forever21, let’s wear a body suit and shorts. I purposely got looser fitting shorts so that they fit more boyfriend style than tight because I wanted to be able to wear a sweater, like here, or other tops that would look cute tucked in and belted.

It’s all about style, kids.

This was the perfect outfit to throw on and relax in this past Sunday after running the Bridge Run. I’m very thrilled with my time and finished right at an hour, just like I wanted! I’m the crazy one who suggested we walk 3 miles around downtown the next Sunday, but hey, in an outfit like this, I’d be crazy to keep it inside all day!

Plus, workout tip, after a long run, it’s beneficial to walk or bike the next day. It helps free up the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and helps reduce swelling and aches. And you just thought I brought killer fashion advice to this blog!

Now that the Bridge Run is over I’ve got my sights set on the Asheville 10K in June and hopefully another 10K race in August! It’s amazing how I went years without running and now I”m back in love with it.

Life is funny that way.

I can’t wait to keep wearing this outfit way into the summer and even fall months. I can just picture how cute it’ll look with a bikini top at a beach bar down on Folly and a cute blouse in the fall months.

What’s one of your blacklist items that has become a staple in your closet? I’m not about to go filling my closet with denim shorts but this one is definitely sticking around for a few seasons! Let me know in the comments below!

Wearing: Shorts // Sweater 



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Top Workout Tips

If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been training for our city’s biggest 10K race, The Cooper River Bridge Run! The CRBR is our city’s largest race and we’re celebrating our 40th year of having the race. How cool is that? Each year about 40,000 attendees will come to run this high-energy, incredibly fun race.

Seriously, it’s the best event ever.

Now this is my first year running and I’ve fallen out of love with running over the years but this race has reignited my passion and love for running. Which, side bar, I used to be a HUGE cross-country runner and sprinter throughout middle and high school. Cool, huh?

In order to get ready for this race, I couldn’t just dive willy nilly into without any training or tips! Talk about a sports injury just running a 10K with no training! That’s why I’m here to share my top workout tips to both inspire and get you ready to workout, whether that’s running, jogging, soccer, or any other activity.

Be Consistent and Follow a Regime

So you’ve figured out your fitness goal, awesome! Whether that be to gain more muscle, lean down, loose weight, or become more flexible, starting with a goal is the first step. Next is to establish a fitness routine, for me, I run three times a week at 6. Why so specific with the time? Because if I don’t set that time, I will find any excuse under the sun to not workout.

Establishing a consistent and realistic fitness routine will help you stay on track and accomplish your fitness goals. Something that helps me stay on track with these things is by setting a calendar alert on my phone and making workout plans with a girlfriend. This not only keeps me on track but obligated to show up and work it out!

Set Realistic Goals 

If there’s one thing you’ve got to keep in mind is setting realistic goals. You will not lose 10 pounds in one week, you will not be a model in a month. Which, why would you want to? Your body is amazing as is and I admire your beauty and commend you for wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy is why I take my fitness so seriously because I want to stay around for like 100 years.

Essentially, don’t set yourself up for perfection. You’re already perfect as is. Focus on healthy behaviors that’ll help you reach your goals and over time you will!

Do What Makes You Happy

One thing we often forget about fitness and just working out is doing activities that make you happy. Why run if you’re miserable? Why play basketball if you don’t like competition? What’s that one sport or activity in your life that makes you happy? Find what that is and make it part of your overall fitness goal! Find time in your day to spend at least 20-30 minutes doing that one activity and you’ll not only start achieving your workout goals, but you’re also improving your mental health too!

Please always remember that no matter where you’re starting in your fitness routine, you are amazing. Working out is hard and requires a lot of determination, self-drive, and a desire to be better. Find that one activity that you love, that one reason to get healthier, and do it. But only do it for you, not because that silly fitness magazine told you so, but because you are an amazing woman who has so much to give to this world.

What are your top fitness tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Wearing: Workout // Shoes
Photography: Mary Beth 
Juice: Kuka Juice

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What I’m Wearing: Spring with Belk

Remember how I was talking about some nasty weather here in Charleston a week or so ago? Yeah, it’s all gone now. Welcome to winter in the south! Where it’s hot 340 days of the year and the rest are just somewhat cold! to be fair, some of our state got hit with snow and it did drop below freezing which hurt a lot of our crops down here.

Yes, I’m the nerd who listens to NPR and knows about crop economics. Welcome to my brain!

We’re back to normal weather here in Charleston which means our azaleas are in bloom everywhere, animals have returned from their winter sleep, and everyone is busy outside and playing in the sun!

My goodness I love the spring!

Which it’s only fitting that we’ve partnered up with Belk to bring you some seriously cute outfits for spring! Their Crown and Ivy line is one of my favorites and I love looking through the racks anytime I’m inside a Belk. The fun and colorful prints and solids will have you spring ready in no time! I absolutely adore a good scalloped short and it comes as no surprise that I had to spring (ha ha) for an off-the shoulder top. I’m such a sucker for this trend!

It doesn’t hurt to make sure you look extra spring ready than by bringing an adorable pup along! I love showing off Shaka any chance that I get. She’s such an adorable little pup!


There’s something about springtime that makes me want to overhaul my closet and get new things. You should check out my previous post on what to do with your old clothing, it’s the handiest tip that I know! I’ve been more aware of what I’m buying and wearing and it’s really helping me find what I truly want to wear for spring.

Speaking of wardrobe refreshes, we’ve got some fun new content coming your way so stay tuned!

What’s your must haves for spring? Do you love Belk and their Crown and Ivy brand? Share with us in the comments below!

Wearing: Shorts // Blouse 

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