Tequila’s Town

You’ll remember that we were in Savannah, GA in September and there was no way I could visit this stunning city without having at least 1 margarita.. or 2. So we stopped by our friend’s restaurant, Tequila’s Town, which is nestled within the main downtown area of Savannah. Trust me folks, this place is a hidden gem and not to be missed!

This isn’t your ordinary Mexican restaurant; inside it’s full of Latin American flare, decor, and even better, it smelled heavenly! As soon as we stepped into this other worldly restaurant, my stomach craved everything on their menu and it did not disappoint! Each item on the menu is such a friendly departure from the normal fare you’ll find at your local TexMex restaurant. Each dish is lovingly crafted to reflect the flavors, spices, and colors from traditional Mexican food. Even better, Tequila’s Town strives to only use food that is locally sourced! Now coming from Charleston where the farm to table movement is going strong, it’s nice to hear that other restaurants in other cities are doing it as well. 

Of course we couldn’t start a meal without trying one of their delicious homemade margaritas. Their bar is full loaded with 80 premium brands of tequila (hooray!) and even features one of their own brand of tequila,  Tequila Blanco. How great is that?! We styled (and enjoyed) their signature Tequila’s Town Margarita and the Strawberry Margarita. Both were amazing and you can really taste how fresh each one is. 

Before we start about their food, let me go ahead and explain what this cart is because it will truly blow your mind. At any typical Mexican establishment, you may order guacamole and receive it straight from the kitchen. That’s not the case at Tequila’s Town. They have specified servers that will roll this cart over to your table and make the guacamole right in front of you. How incredible is that?! They do so so each guacamole is customized to the table’s preference which makes it easier to watch your salt intake or level of spiciness in the dish. Now that I’ve tasted guacamole like this, I can’t go back to getting it straight from the kitchen!

Our fantastic server in action!

Look how incredible this guacamole looks! I’ve seriously never had a better guacamole in my life and that’s a fact! 

You guys, just look at this spread. Let me tell you, I’ve never had better Mexican food than at Tequila’s Town. No joke! Everything was amazing! As if the table side guacamole was any sign of how good the food was going to be, this photo will prove it as well. Everything was cooked to perfection, presented wonderfully, and seasoned to our tastes. I love spicy food and it hit all the right notes. My favorite dish was their tacos which comes in a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian tacos. Trust me though, you’ll want to get their mushroom and calabacita taco. It’s perfection! 

If you’re ever in the Savannah area, I highly recommend visiting Tequila’s Town! Their delicious Mexican food will transport you directly to Mexico. It will become one of your favorite new restaurants, guaranteed! 

Food and Drink: Tequila’s Town // Photography: Jennifer Collins // Styling: Kelly Harrold 

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Kayak Kafe

Back in September we took a fun trip down to Savannah, GA courtesy of Toyota and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dine at some of Savannah’s most popular and up and coming restaurants. So it comes as no surprise that once I heard of Kayak Kafe’s wide vegetarian menu and delicious cocktails that I had to stop by! Jennifer and I had a blast styling some food items for their social media and each dish was heavenly! 

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What I’m Wearing: Airport Chic

Wearing: Dress (Sheinside) // Suitcase (Target) // Coffee (Caviar & Bananas

Talk about a whirlwind weekend! We are back after a quick trip up to the Hamptons last week and we had such a fun time! Of course I couldn’t fly to the Hamptons without dressing up! I’m a firm believer that one should never travel in sweatpants or pajamas, I know, it’s crazy! I’ve even applied this rule to when I’ve flown long distances to Europe. There’s just something about dressing up a little bit when traveling that makes it feel less of a chore and more like a luxury experience. I don’t fly as often as I used to, so I take it as an opportunity to strut my stuff! I mean airport hallways are essentially runways, am I right?

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How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

We have been traveling so much this year and it has been on my New Year’s Resolution list to travel more. There was a time in my life (primarily in college) where I would travel to Europe every chance that we had. Since graduating, moving to Charleston, and starting to work a full-time job, traveling to Europe doesn’t happen as often. However we still do a hefty bit of traveling each weekend. Instead of faraway European cities, we are always traveling to new cities surrounding Charleston or visiting the the Caribbean since it’s so close! 

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