What I’m Wearing: Date Night

Spring is in the air which means date nights out on the town are back in full swing! That’s not to say that date nights completely stop for us in the cooler months, but there’s something romantic about walking hand in hand with your beloved on a warm spring evening. There’s a beautiful smell in the air and everyone just seems in a happier, more jovial mood. Like nothing could ruin this evening. How magical is that feeling? I want to bottle that feeling and moment up so during the winter, I can uncork it and release it into our apartment.

Similar to those romantic evenings out, this darling dress is in itself, romantic. It’s cream color, wide sleeves, and short hemline (hello!) scream date night. I feel utterly beautiful in it, even though when I first got it, I was skeptic of so many details about it. The short hemline and the wide sleeves with the slit. But as I tried it on, I knew that I couldn’t leave without it. It’s fun sleeves bring a twist to the outfit and I love how complimentary the cream is against my skin tone. Just imagine how stunning it’ll look when I finally get tan!

I don’t want to be totally washed out when I wear creams, whites, or other light toned colors. Instead, I like to play with small pops of color to bring something a little extra to the outfit. For me, that’s my favorite pink clutch from Fossil, new tassel earrings from Francesca’s (which side note, one of my go to’s for jewelry!), and snake skin heels. Talk about a twist! Throw on some snake skin anything on an outfit and you’ll instantly take it to a new level.

This little neighborhood is one of mine and P’s favorite places to visit for date nights. There is a lovely little cafe tucked away behind some gorgeous trees and a bar close by for a night cap. To top it off, it’s located in the middle of one of Charleston’s best neighborhood of homes, I’On. I’On has quickly become one of my favorite places to go for a walk with Shaka, jog, or simply to visit with friends and relax by the lake. It’s a piece of heaven amidst the hustle and bustle of Charleston.

That is something we’ve maintained over the almost 3 years of dating. It’s about creating that quality time in each other’s ‘love languages’ that keep our relationship going strong. I know what P likes and he knows what I like, so we try to make sure we’re communicating in each other’s language. For me, it’s date nights where we are alone and can truly connect. I’m so completely thankful to have him and although he treats me better than I deserve, I’m thrilled that he treats me like a queen, and I in turn treat him like a king. Even though he’ll try to deny it for fun.

I wish I could remember why I was making this face to Jennifer!

I think it’s safe to say that this dress will be on rotation this spring as part of my wardrobe. I just love how the cream pops against the pink buildings in this photo. It’s so beautiful! What’s one of your go to dresses for date nights? Do you and your significant other go on date nights fairly often during the week or month? P has been traveling a lot of weekends to bachelor parties and I’m simply looking forward to a quiet dinner with him this week and relaxing.

Wearing: Dress / Clutch / Heels / Earrings
Photography: Jennifer Collins 

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