DIY Beach Hat

Hello summer! Summer is one of my favorite times of year here and for good reason! The days are longer which means more time at the pool or beach with our family and friends. If there’s one thing I’m particular about though is my skin. Although I am tan, I’m very cautious of skin cancer or causing any damage to my face. That’s why I wear 75+ SPF on my skin and always make sure I have a hat with me. Skin cancer is something that has touched my family a few times and it has definitely taught me to protect my skin because it’s the only one I’ll ever have. 

If you’re like me though, I get disappointed with the variety of beach hats that I see in the stores. Either they’re WAY too big, floppy, or in a pattern that I don’t really like. That’s why I’ve decided to whip up my own DIY beach hat! This hat only took $10 to make which is such a steal and will last this summer and next! There are many wonderful variations of this beach hat available online but forking over $50-$100 for a fun beach hat is out of my budget. Here’s the easy directions to making your own DIY beach hat! 


Beach hat (we got our at Walmart for only $7!)
Yarn in your color of choice 
Fabric glue 


Take your glue and write out your words. We loved using “Sun of a Beach” but there are other great sayings like, “Do Not Disturb”, “On Vacation”, ect. Use your imagination! 

Take the yarn and cut off about a foot of yarn. Gently press the yarn into the glue. 

Allow the glue to dry for 24-hours before using the beach hat. 

Pair with your favorite swimsuit and go outside!

I absolutely love this DIY beach hat! It’s perfect for shielding my face from the sun while I relax by the beach, or my preferred way, on a swan! I am so glad that inflatable swans, flamingos, and donuts aren’t going anywhere soon because I think it’s the best way to enjoy summer! Grab your friends, pack up some delicious snacks and drinks, and go enjoy summer with our DIY beach hat! Just make sure you wear your SPF gals! 

Styling: Liz Martin & Kelly Harrold // Photographer: Jennifer Collins // Location: // Mixson Bath & Racquet Club // Swan: Shop the Manor // Swimsuit: CupShe // Hat: Walmart 


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    1. You should totally make this on Caroline! It only took 15 minutes to do and you can make it say whatever you want 🙂

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