DIY Makeup Bag

Can I start off by saying how much I LOVE this DIY makeup bag?! I originally found this plain white canvas bag at Target and a light bulb instantly went off. I’ve been loving the simplicity of white with pops of pastel colors right now and this little make-up bag is the perfect combination of the two. 

I’ve been traveling more recently and my standard makeup bag wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It was old and just plain ugly. So instead of buying a new bag that I wouldn’t be totally in love with, I decided to DIY my own! 

This little bag is the perfect size for a weekend trip or a longer getaway. It can fit in a purse, weekend bag, or piece of luggage. Plus it holds all my must have items like my highlighter, eyeliner, and mascara, plus room to fit my favorite perfume stick and under eye treatments. Because a girl can’t have bags under her eyes!

You can easily make this makeup bag into your own design. I really love the simplicity of brush strokes in different colors. I need to buy more of these bags and paint on cacti, fun sayings, and other cute images! They make the perfect little gifts for family and friends. Plus, you can’t have too many cute bags lying around! I’d love to make another one for my gym bag.

These items are basically my makeup routine every day. The Estee Lauder pore minimizer is seriously the best invention ever. It literally shrinks my pores down and looks flawless in pictures. If you ever see it in Sephora, I highly recommend picking it up! 

This DIY makeup bag only takes maybe 10 minutes to do, which we all know is my favorite amount of time to create something beautiful! I can’t wait to take this on my upcoming trip to the Hamptons later this month. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way! Oh and please send over some fashion advice. It’s going to be very cold and I’m just not used to that! 

How would you paint your own make-up bag? I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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  1. This is totally up my ally! I would probably do a crazy amount of details while painting flowers and then I would look back at this post and think, gosh, I really like the simplicity of the brush strokes!

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