DIY Record Player Stand

There’s one thing that I’ve collected over the years and have always struggled to display is my record collection. I’ve been collecting records since I was 16 years old and it was essentially love at first sight! The cover designs are always unique and colorful, the quality of sound is unlike anything we hear now, and I just love listening to my records on rainy nights. 

I’ve paired down my collection over the years but I’ve never quite displayed them correctly. That is, until I found this cart from Ikea! It’s only $30 and the perfect storage solution for my records.  

Of course I couldn’t just build the cart and not give it my own personal touch! I personalized this record player cart with marble contact paper. I absolutely love how it turned out! It’s the perfect little cart to add to my house and it’s big enough to to hold my record player, records, and some of my most favorite items. 

It’s also the perfect little cart for some of my plants, shells collected from Folly Beach, and a handmade candle from Candlefish! Also, if you live in the Charleston area or looking to visit, don’t miss out on a gem of a store! It’s the perfect girl’s night where you make 2 of their candles. P makes fun of me because I refuse to burn them! 

This was such a fun and very easy DIY to do! We are potentially moving into a new flat next weekend and this record player cart is going to look fantastic in it! The best thing is, you can always switch it out to what suites your needs best. I’d love to turn it into a wine cart for our kitchen or maybe even for extra storage in a closet for all my jewelry and shoes! 

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