How to Conquer Spring Cleaning

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If there’s one thing I look forward to (and personally love) each spring isn’t just the longer days and sunshine; it’s spring cleaning.


That’s right! I am a spring clean freak, just ask my boyfriend who thinks I’m neurotic and crazy. I go through this whirlwind of throwing out old, broken, and unused things, donating what I can to Goodwill, and cleaning our apartment top to bottom. It’s so satisfying.┬áSince we live in a small studio apartment, I really detest clutter. It makes everything feel that much smaller and condensed which is not how I like things. I enjoy open spaces, minimal clutter, and carefully curated decor.

Basically I like to live like my house is from Pinterest.

But I know that many, if not most people, in this world don’t like spring cleaning. I get it! It can be stressful, cause fights between couples, and overall be overwhelming. Over the years P has given me the green light to do as I please as long as I don’t throw out any of his stuff without his consent. Fair enough. However, for those of you that don’t like spring cleaning, I’m here to say, it’s not that bad.

It can be fun even. How crazy is that? So put on those old cleaning clothes, grab your rag, and crank some tunes! It’s spring cleaning time!

  1. Check it Off!

Regardless of the size of your home, deep cleaning for spring can be overwhelming and challenging. Don’t get overwhelmed from the start! Clean smartly by making a checklist. There are tons of cute options off of Pinterest that you can download to make it more fun. I typically just grab a pen and paper and get to work.

2. Give Back!

Don’t just fill up our already overflowing landfills, this is a great time to give back! Choose a charity that you’d like to give your old things to and make a pile. For me, the obvious choice is Goodwill. I have a pile just for Goodwill where I collect old clothes, household items, and linens that no longer have a place in my home.

3. Sell!

Something I’ve gotten in to is selling clothes on Facebook swap pages. Seriously! When I wear pieces for one or two shoots and no longer wear again, it collects dust and takes up space in my tiny closet that I share with P. Make another pile that you can sell to consignment stores or online like Facebook Market, Poshmark, ThredUp, or EBay!

4. One Room at a Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cleaning. For us, it’s a little easier because we live in a studio with only 3 rooms. Pretty easy to tackle! However, make it a little easier by tackling one room at a time. Really get in there and clean and once it’s done, move on to the next.

5. Take a Break

It’s super important to take breaks when you’re cleaning. I find it helpful to set a timer for lunch time so I can sit down and relax for a moment. This is a great time to also relish in how good your house looks!

6. Keep it Green

One thing I’ve resolved to start using more this year is green cleaners for our home. When you think about what goes into regular cleaning products it’s kind of gross and you realize how bad it can be for you and your pets. Especially with our pets we strive to use green products to keep them healthy. Target has a slew of wonderful green products to help you get your home in tip top shape!

7. Have Fun!

We crank some serious tunes when we clean. Can you guess who we listen to the most? Kanye West. No joke! His music is great for cleaning to! Find that one artist you love to jam out to and get to work! Bonus points if it’s a guilty pleasure musician.

What’s your favorite tips for spring cleaning your home? Please share with us below!

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