How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name

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There’s obviously a lot of things to consider when choosing a blog name, which could very well turn into your online business. Not only does the name need to be a representation of what you’re offering, it also needs to be a domain name that people can remember when they inevitably lose your business card (I’m guilty of this all the time!).

Now do you know how we got our name? Naming a blog is the first critical step in becoming a blogger, whether you’re writing about fashion, electronics, cars, or any other topic you wish to write about it! Paper Meets Pearl essentially got it’s name after bouncing some names off of friends, I knew that I wanted to write about fashion and DIYs. So what better name than Paper Meets Pearl! It was a challenging experience trying to pick that one perfect name that would evolve into my personal brand and business. I want to make that process easier for you by sharing with you how to name your blog with the help of Domain.ME.

  1. What is My Blog About?

The first step in identifying what to name your blog is figuring out what you’re going to blog about. Will it be about food, fashion, DIY, exercise, cars, sports? The list is endless! Pick what your blog will ideally focus on . This is also the first step in identifying what your blogging niche will be. It’s a two birds with one stone kind of step!

2. What are Your Secondary Words?

After selecting your first word, see if there’s any secondary words that will combine with your first word. This is where is your best friend! If you’re looking to blog about food, maybe pick a word like snack, grub, goodies. If it’s about exercise, you could choose from words like workout, strong, or healthy. I suggest making two columns so you keep up with what you’re picking!

3. What Adjectives Describe Your Content?

In your third column, place words that describe your content. For example, that would be considered your “who are you”, and “what do you do” column. Those words are descriptive like girl, happy, mom, home, advice, baker, etc.

4. Start Putting Words Together!

Here’s where the fun part begins! After looking at your three columns of words start putting some of them together! They’re going to be silly at first but after a while you’ll find your perfect blog name. You could come up with things like:

Menu Mom
Baker Bliss
Exercise Queen
Fresh Baker Girl

5. Invent Your Own! 

Still not seeing your ideal word to fit your blog’s name? Then invent it! There’s so many fun and wonderful combination of words that you can use to name your own blog. I really love names like bakerella or veggieful. Remember not to make it too insane or you’ll cause people to not remember your blog name thus losing potential customers.

So why consider .ME domains to create your perfect blog after finding your perfect blog name? Easy. Domain.ME is an excellent service that’ll help you create a unique, safe identity online with a domain ending in .ME. They operate as a B2B, which means that people can register a domain name through one of 190 accredited registrars that operate as .ME resellers. But don’t worry! Using a .ME domain won’t hinder your SEO or ability to reach your audience.

What’s your favorite tips for finding your perfect blog name? Is there a funny story how yours came to be? Have you used a .ME domain before? I’d love to hear all your thoughts in the comments below!

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