What I’m Wearing: Denim Shorts

You guys, I’m a convert. I’ve seen the light and it is beautiful.

I’m a denim shorts convert.

Or jorts convert for short.

Either way, I’m hooked, I’m in love, and I certainly don’t know what took me so long! For years, I’ve had such an aversion to denim shorts. I thought they were tacky, too high cut, and looked awful on me. To me, they were a blacklist item that shouldn’t be anywhere near my body or closet.

But that has all changed because I found the perfect pair!

Did you ever watch or read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series? That’s what these shorts are to me. No matter your body size, confidence, or style, these denim shorts are sure to turn you into a goddess worthy of all the attention. True story, P even loved them on me! Now I know I’m wearing a winning piece of clothing if he’s fully on board and that’s a rare day!

The best part about denim shorts is that it doesn’t have to be all Forever21, let’s wear a body suit and shorts. I purposely got looser fitting shorts so that they fit more boyfriend style than tight because I wanted to be able to wear a sweater, like here, or other tops that would look cute tucked in and belted.

It’s all about style, kids.

This was the perfect outfit to throw on and relax in this past Sunday after running the Bridge Run. I’m very thrilled with my time and finished right at an hour, just like I wanted! I’m the crazy one who suggested we walk 3 miles around downtown the next Sunday, but hey, in an outfit like this, I’d be crazy to keep it inside all day!

Plus, workout tip, after a long run, it’s beneficial to walk or bike the next day. It helps free up the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and helps reduce swelling and aches. And you just thought I brought killer fashion advice to this blog!

Now that the Bridge Run is over I’ve got my sights set on the Asheville 10K in June and hopefully another 10K race in August! It’s amazing how I went years without running and now I”m back in love with it.

Life is funny that way.

I can’t wait to keep wearing this outfit way into the summer and even fall months. I can just picture how cute it’ll look with a bikini top at a beach bar down on Folly and a cute blouse in the fall months.

What’s one of your blacklist items that has become a staple in your closet? I’m not about to go filling my closet with denim shorts but this one is definitely sticking around for a few seasons! Let me know in the comments below!

Wearing: Shorts // Sweater 



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  1. Love your shorts and how you put it together with the sweater. I completely agree I have denim shorts too and they’re all I wear during summer – they go w everything! Would love to see your other outfits as it gets warmer !

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