What I’m Wearing: Southern Belle

Ok let me start this off by saying how magical I feel in this skirt! I was literally twirling around in the streets of Charleston as Jennifer took the pictures. It’s just so amazing! It truly makes me feel like a Southern Belle, which let’s go ahead and face facts, I totally am. 

I bake, I’m genteel, I’m a social butterfly, and Southern to a t. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t say I’m 100% a Southern Belle but I’m damn near close and I possess what I think are some great qualities. Trust me, if you come to my house you’ll be treated like royalty. 

It’s the Southern way, y’all. 

Anyways, back to this absolutely darling skirt! I picked it up from one of my favorite fashion online stores, Romwe. Which I’ve been a fan of their clothes way back when I used to spend hours scrolling through Lookbook. Remember that site? Talk about pre-fashion inspiration before there was a Pinterest! 

It’s a nice full skirt and I love the lilac color. It’s not too overwhelming and if the fullness of the skirt is too much, you can pair it with a denim shirt. Which I love this denim shirt because it makes everything 10x better because of the crystals. 

Ok but the real star is these shoes. Let me tell you all about how great these shoes are. First off, I got them for $9 at Marshalls. $9 you guys!! And they’re BCBG shoes to boot!! I never thought I could get a pair of BCBG shoes for so cheap there! They’re so stylish and they keep this look so interesting with the pop of snakeskin. 

Wearing: Shirt (Loft) // Skirt (Romwe) // Shoes (BCBG) // Clutch (Lucky) // Sunglasses (Nectar)

Photography: Jennifer Collins 

Over the past few months I’m sure you’ve all seen my style evolution from more black, white, and grey pieces to more colorful ones like this skirt. I’m loving this transformation that my wardrobe is undergoing! This skirt will fit in just nicely with all my other colorful pieces. It’s not to say I don’t love my minimalist palate! I’ll still break it out from time to time but I love adding pops of color in my daily wardrobe. 

What’s your favorite piece that makes you feel like a Southern Belle, or any kind of belle really! I’d love to hear in the comments! Also, I’m dying to know if you’ve ever gotten such a steal at Marshalls!

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  1. Great look! I love the pink skirt with the denim top and can we talk about those shoes? $9, that’s a steal! I guess I need to visit Marshall’s more often. Love the post! Xoxo

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