What I’m Wearing: Red Jumpsuit

Everyone step aside because the QUEEN is in town! Everyone get down because the baddest woman in all of Charleston is here to rock.your.worlds. with this incredible red jumpsuit!

All joking aside, I feel like the hottest babe in all of Charleston because I am feeling.this.look. I’m feeling this look so much that I want to live inside of this red jumpsuit at all times.

It’s that amazing and no, I’m not overemphasizing.

As soon as I got the edits back from Jennifer I sent her a string of emoji hearts and fire because it’s that good.

Seriously y’all, props to Jennifer for being this amazing of a photographer. She’s the BEST.

Let’s talk about this oh so femme fatal look as I stand ever so gracefully on an alley way staircase. Let me just waltz around to music from the 1920’s and prance around.

Ok, I’m sorry for all the sass in this post!

When I first received this red jumpsuit I was a little skeptical. It was super long, the red was bold, and I wasn’t sure how much I was going to love having it off the shoulder.

My goodness was I wrong!

I feel like an absolute goddess in this outfit. It makes me feel like an amazing woman and that’s how clothing is supposed to make you feel. I can’t wait to start receiving party invitations to I have an excuse to wear it again.

I refuse to let this jumpsuit collect dust in my wardrobe.

I love how bold of an outfit this is too. You just know that any affair that you attend, you’ll be seeing a lot of eyeballs on you! Now I’m not always interested in that level of attention or intensity, but if I’m wearing this red jumpsuit, I’d be all about it! Now it may be a bit too bold for any other upcoming weddings I’ve got in the coming months but it would make such a splash for a night out with the girls and a date night with P to see a play or opera. That is, when I can drag him to something like that!

This jumpsuit isn’t going to be captured in just photographs, we recently shot it with Christopher Dobey for a video that was submitted to Charleston Fashion Week. I am so excited to finally debut the video to everyone else! It was so much fun working on a different medium and seeing how video really brings clothes to life. We’re going to be collaborating on some other fun videos as well so stay tuned!

What’s one outfit that makes you feel like the amazing confident woman that you are? I’d love to know in the comments and see photos of you in that outfit!

Wearing: Jumpsuit // Bag // Sunglasses

Photographer: Jennifer CollinsĀ 

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