What I’m Wearing: Spring with Belk

Remember how I was talking about some nasty weather here in Charleston a week or so ago? Yeah, it’s all gone now. Welcome to winter in the south! Where it’s hot 340 days of the year and the rest are just somewhat cold! to be fair, some of our state got hit with snow and it did drop below freezing which hurt a lot of our crops down here.

Yes, I’m the nerd who listens to NPR and knows about crop economics. Welcome to my brain!

We’re back to normal weather here in Charleston which means our azaleas are in bloom everywhere, animals have returned from their winter sleep, and everyone is busy outside and playing in the sun!

My goodness I love the spring!

Which it’s only fitting that we’ve partnered up with Belk to bring you some seriously cute outfits for spring! Their Crown and Ivy line is one of my favorites and I love looking through the racks anytime I’m inside a Belk. The fun and colorful prints and solids will have you spring ready in no time! I absolutely adore a good scalloped short and it comes as no surprise that I had to spring (ha ha) for an off-the shoulder top. I’m such a sucker for this trend!

It doesn’t hurt to make sure you look extra spring ready than by bringing an adorable pup along! I love showing off Shaka any chance that I get. She’s such an adorable little pup!


There’s something about springtime that makes me want to overhaul my closet and get new things. You should check out my previous post on what to do with your old clothing, it’s the handiest tip that I know! I’ve been more aware of what I’m buying and wearing and it’s really helping me find what I truly want to wear for spring.

Speaking of wardrobe refreshes, we’ve got some fun new content coming your way so stay tuned!

What’s your must haves for spring? Do you love Belk and their Crown and Ivy brand? Share with us in the comments below!

Wearing: Shorts // BlouseĀ 

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