What I’m Wearing: Blanket Cape

It’s finally getting chilly here in Charleston, it’s only December but whatever, but that means I can finally breakout my blanket cape and that makes me so happy! If you don’t know what a blanket cape is, let me proceed to blow you mind. It’s a cape that’s typically plaid patterned or full color but it’s soft, warm, and you wear it like a blanket.

I know, it’s magical.

What I'm Wearing: Blanket CapeIt’s basically the only garment alive that allows you to look fabulous and still be warm and cuddly inside of a blanket. It’s seriously my favorite item to wear now that things are getting colder here. Because who doesn’t love rocking a blanket outside?

It’s the newest Snuggie. A more fabulous version of the Snuggie.

What I'm Wearing: Blanket Cape

I love that I can wear it with anything too. Leggings, over skirts and dress, what I’m really excited to wear it over is leggings with a one piece underneath. Now that’ll be a killer look for the holiday party circuit!

What I'm Wearing: Blanket Cape

I really enjoy wearing capes like these because as a cold-natured gal, I love to wrap up inside of things. It’s not cold enough here to throw on tons of layers like cute sweaters and coats, which come to think of it, I’m totally fine with! But wearing this blanket cape gives me the feeling that I’m actually experiencing fall. And if you get too warm (or sleepy) just whip it off! Also I feel a lot like Zoro when I take it off, so there’s an added bonus too!

What I'm Wearing: Blanket Cape

Wearing: Blanket Cape (Exalted Heights); Shirt (Forever21); Leather Skirt (H&M); Booties (Call It Spring)

As we creep closer to the end of the year, I’m starting to think about next year’s goals and what I want to accomplish as a blogger. I recently wrote about how not caring about your blog can truly transform your blog. It sounds totally counterproductive but I’m still daring people to take on the challenge. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and stop caring about the trivial little parts about blogging, I urge you to take on the challenge and start by reading here. I know one of the main things on my list is to start blogging more outfits and making more time to do so. Send me your goals in the comments, I’m whipping up a fantastic guide that’ll help you accomplish all your goals next year!

What do y’all think of this blanket cape? Would you want to wear one? Which by the way, if you don’t, you’re totally crazy. It’s a blanket that you can wear outside! Have I said that enough yet? I swear, I’m the anti-thesis to most bloggers because I just want to wear clothes I can essentially sleep in (hello footie pajamas!).


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