What I’m Wearing: Edgy & Chic Choker Blouse

You know what’s been one of my favorite trends this fall? Believe it or not, blouses with the choker piece already built in! I love how choker everything is coming back into style, it reminds me of my days as a cool 90’s child. Do you remember those black rubber chokers everyone wore? Because those were my jam! Now we’ve moved past the rubber accessory and updated our look by adding the choker to our blouses and I’m all in on this trend. 

I love how it gives any look an instant cool girl vibe and looks amazing under a leather jacket. Now that it’s finally somewhat cold here in Charleston, I can finally wear my favorite leather jacket again. I love how it makes any outfit edgy and chic with minimal effort. With these chilly mornings and warm-ish days, I really like to keep my outfits simple and cute. The less I have to think in the morning the better! Until I get my first cup of coffee, my brain is maybe working at 50% capacity. 

Oh and did I mention one other great detail about this choker blouse? It has bell sleeves! I’m fully on board with the bell sleeve trend and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see on my Instagram Stories that I often post about bell sleeves. And my dog. Because my dog is seriously the cutest and I’m so not apologetic about that! She also loves to pose for the camera and give sweet little smiles. And puppy smiles are the best!

This has to be one of my new favorite outfits to wear! I love how incredibly simple it is and how it makes me feel like a total rock star babe!

Don’t mind that very cheesy smirk. P attended this shoot and wouldn’t stop making silly faces at me..

What’s one of your favorite trends from this fall? What makes you feel edgy and cool when you’re out on the town? Let me know in the comments!

Photography: Jennifer Collins // Shirt (Zaful) // Jeans (Lucky) // Earrings (H&M) // Shoes (Madora)

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