What I’m Wearing: Tassels

Oh. My. God you guys. This dress is just perfection!! This is seriously the summer of tassels! #everydayimtasslin! I feel so incredibly festive and ready to party in this super cute dress! I love wearing things like this dress that makes me feel so feminine and festive. As soon as I put it on, my mood is instantly elevated and I’m ready to tackle everything! 

I’m absolutely obsessed with this dress. Even better, it’s only $21.00! Could you find a better party dress than this one and for such a good price? It’s perfect for every occasion and I wear it at least once a week to work. We are leaving for the Dominican Republic this weekend and it’s definitely going with me. It’s going to look so incredibly perfect next to the lush, tropical landscape. 

I can’t believe that after a year of planning we are finally off on our tropical vacation to celebrate our friend’s wedding! We are both so thrilled to have a break from work and only focus on celebrating our friends and relaxing every day. Trust me, I’ll be taking lots of Instagram pictures of the fabulous outfits, lots of breakfasts in bed, and fun wedding snaps. 

Wearing: Dress (Sheinside) // Shoes (Oka-B) // Purse (Urban Expressions) // Earrings (Zaful

I mean seriously, look how gorgeous even the back of this dress is! I love how tassels have been so popular over the past year because I’m no wear near done wearing them. If you’re looking for an affordable and cute dress, this should be your number one pick! 

I love how the nude accessories just help this tassel dress pop even more! Whenever I wear more colorful pieces, I really try to only wear simple accessories so the dress is the stand out piece. 

Make sure to follow our fun tropical adventures on Instagram! This tassel dress is sure to make an appearance or two! There will be a brief radio silence on the blog but our social media will still be going strong! 

What’s your favorite, go-to party dress? Let me know in the comments! 


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  1. That pink so tropical and fun! I’m personally a fan of the LBD and an edgy look but totally agree that a few neutral accessories make this dress the star of the show. While I’m not a tassel girl myself, the dress and tassels are pretty cute and look great on you! 😉 Have a wonderful holiday!x

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