Why You Should Stop Caring About Your Blog

Why I Stopped Caring About My Blog (and you should too!)

I have a confession to make – I care way too much about my blog and it’s success. Not just in terms of traffic that’s being driven to my blog but about social media followers and numbers. It’s an endless cycle that can bring you up and tear you down in a matter of minutes.

It’s hard.
It’s nerve racking.

It’s a hard confession to make. Bloggers are driven to being the best and creating content that’ll make everyone want to share, like, and follow every day.

But guess what?
No one does and that hurts more than anything.

Nothing hurts more than creating, researching, and writing a clever, insightful article only to have 5 people view it on your blog and no traffic on social media. And I don’t mean to sit here and complain and whine that no one wants to read me, “why, why, why”. Because I don’t do that game. #ain’tgottimeforthat

So I resolved to try something new and my goodness has it revolutionized my mind and blog game.

I stopped caring.

I used to obsessively check how many views I got on Google Analytics and frantically check how many likes I got on an Instagram picture. Now when I post something, I automatically flip my phone over or hide it so I don’t instinctively check it every two seconds. Now it’s more like a pleasant surprise when I take a moment to see what activity has happened.

And it feels so good!

Now just because I’ve stopped caring doesn’t mean I don’t go through the normal machinations of promoting my blog. I still have it scheduled to publish to various social media outlets at various times but overall, I’m completely handsfree. I still check Instagram and Twitter but not to push my own status but instead use those as outlets to have conversations with other bloggers and see things from a new perspective. This has opened me up to a whole new world of positive bloggers and support from some killer boss ladies (shout out to my girls from Style Collective!).

This is a topic that’s weighed heavily on me for some time now because we don’t want to admit any shortcomings. Ever. It’s already scary enough to push yourself out there but to admit any kind of flaw is the worst. But I don’t want others to feel nervous or scared to admit what’s hard about blogging or just hard about life in general.

Now that I don’t ‘care’ about my blog, I feel like I have more freedom to write and create content without fearing what the public thinks of it. It’s my blog, not theirs, and that’s something all content creators should keep in mind. Now that I write more personally, I find that my creativity is back and I’m no longer struggling for topic ideas, and people really like that. It’ll be interesting to see how things will turn out now that I’m writing more personally.

Maybe people will share my stories.
Maybe I’ll gain new newsletter subscribers.
Maybe I’ll reach someone who needed to hear that story.

But until then, I’m going to stop caring and keep doing what I love – writing about fashion and my personal style.

So my biggest take away from this is, regardless of whether you’re just getting into the blogging game or are a seasoned veteran: stop caring.

Stop caring about how many subscribers you have.
Stop caring about how you rank from a search engine.
Stop caring about how many followers you have on Twitter and how many likes and retweets you get.
Stop caring about whether your blog post will go viral.
Stop caring about whether your friends, parents, boss, or significant other likes your blog.

Then, when you’ve stopped caring about all those pointless little things:

Start Caring. 

Start caring about content that is meaningful to you.
Start caring about making sure you’re passionate about your topic.
Start caring that you’re only working with brands that mesh with your brand.
Start caring about your time and spend it efficiently and effictively.
Start caring about writing that helps you grow.
Start caring about sharing experiences that you have inside of you.

Your blog is a reflection of you and you write about what matters to you. If you write with purpose, passion, attitude, and experience in your writings – everything else will come to you.

Go and stop caring – I dare you.


I DOUBLE dog dare you. Now you can’t turn back.

If you’ve had a moment that’s changed the direction of your blog, I’d love to hear it. Help others by sharing your experience! If you’re afraid to stop caring, take my dare and do it and then tell me all about it by emailing me at: papermeetspearl@gmail.com .

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  2. I too find myself drawn into the numbers game. Checking that my weekly visits don’t dip below a certain amount. I found myself being more time specific now. Marketing my blog at certain times of the day when there’s high traffic and then just leaving it. Much better all round.

  3. I too am obsessed with the numbers game and am constantly checking my social media for updates. I need to stop caring but it is so difficult as my expectations are always higher than the norm.

  4. I agree with everything you said in this post. I don’t obsess about the numbers as much as I did when i started blogging.however, every now and then i lose sight of why i started blogging in the first place and put out content because i just ‘know’ this time it will go viral! HA!!!!

  5. I have been super obsessive lately, but I am also trying to calm it down a bit. I loved this post and will definitely take on your dare. I really need to quit checking my pageviews multiple times a day while my dishes are piling up… haha

  6. It would be very difficult for me to stop caring about all of my numbers, but I can see how it would be freeing. I do enjoy the days when the numbers come in no matter what I do. It’s nice when I write a post and people tend to care about it.

  7. It can be so hard! Blogging is such an up and down career. One day you can feel on top of the world and the next at the bottom of a pit! It is better to not take it too personally!

  8. I was totally the same way when I first started blogging, when i felt like i hadn’t found “it” yet. Once I became more confident I checked less and less.

  9. I hear you a 100%. It feels like such a task and wonder what other strategy I have to implement to get traffic, shares, etc. You do and do with little results and I’ll admit, I’ve been thinking of what you described above…just not care. The problem is when you partly rely on the money you make off of your blog, it becomes hard, even if it’s not huge (As In not full time income), what it generates helps me fund certain necessities. I came over from Pinterest and want to thank you for the insightful article :). I shared it.

  10. My friend referred me to this post after I was complaining that nobody had read my posts lately. Its so easy to get caught up in the numbers game and attribute numbers to self worth. Im really starting to reassess my blog as its taking up so much time and I dont see much in return. next year im going to try and get more efficient with my time so it doesnt take up as much of my family time. i bet once i start cutting back the numbers will increase because i wont be worried about them as much.

  11. If you are blogging for profit I can see where the numbers matter. But if you are blogging because you love it then numbers really won’t matter. i never really thought to look at numbers until someone asked me about my readership one day. I don’t obsess over it, but good to know your stats now and then

  12. I LOVED reading this post! It’s so true, caring so much about stats and analytics can be so draining and frustrating! Its so good just to post something because you enjoyed writing it, not to get more followers or viewers!

  13. I’ve stopped caring in a sense (as much as I used to), where I do not constantly check stats. I have gone days without seeing how many people visited the blog, and I feel so much better. It can really take over your life if you worry about the statistics.

  14. I love this! Sometimes as a new blogger I feel like I don’t have the time to care enough, with everyone else always referring to their analytics, hosting linkups, giveaways, e.t.c. I just keep trying to maintain blog relationships and post about things I enjoy, and hopefully the success will come =)

  15. I love this post because I think it resonates with all of us who have bled our words onto the page. We so want the world to appreciate our efforts, but we need to stop obsessing. Because if we already know what we do is brilliant, and have enjoyed the journey of expressing ourselves, then who cares how many social media likes that post received. The kudos feels amazing, but we’ve taken it too far when we view the attention as validation. I’m with you. I’m letting go of the outcome. Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a great post! I couldn’t have come across this at a better time. I’ve been feeling the overwhelming pressure lately, especially with having little time to post during a busy holiday season. I agree with you on so many points. Now if i can just practice not caring as much.

  17. Make so much sense. Thanks for caring I was doing the same thing too much endless checking my phone to see how many like or view but I stopped doing that and just focus on things that am passionate about. Great post.

  18. I think the most important thing is to remember that everything you listed under “start caring” comes first and that that stuff LEADS to the stuff you listed under “stop caring” I don’t necessarily agree with an absolute “stop caring” about stats and likes and stuff (because realistically they ARE indicators of your blog’s performance) but I DO think that people shouldn’t base their self worth PRIMARILY on that! And if I’m right about what your point was, I think you would agree 🙂


  19. I think the thing that I care the most about when it comes to my blog is the quality of the content I provide to the teeny tiny number of people who have found my blog so far. I’m too new to obsess over numbers. But I love this post!

  20. I love this post! I go between caring and not caring so frequently, especially lately, but I always just remind myself I’m blogging for me not for an audience and if I get one, then that’s cool, but if not, oh well. It’s good to see so many bloggers reminding people of this often lately, as blogging comes with so many expectations.

    Kyah / http://www.weekendtempo.com

  21. Excellent post that hits the nail EXACTLY on the head! I’ve been bummed about numbers lately and it’s hindering my writing game. I’m totally ready to apply this, put my heart into my writing and let the chips fall where they may!

  22. What an awesome post and great inspiration. I think we all can get a little too focused on what other’s think of our blogs, allowing us to lose sight on why we started them in the 1st place. Thank you for sharing!!!!

    – jaime

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